Vinales Tour

Vinales Tour offers you that coveted opportunity of diving on this fantasyland, its nature landscapes and a guaranteed first row chair to appreciate on detail each and every moment of perpetual beauty this region of Cuba has, including all variety of attractions this place and its surroundings own. It goes without to say that all the Tour is well organized and supported for an speacialized team of professionals always willing to make our visitors to have the best holidays.

Mother Nature is far the best provider of amazing and unforgettable experiences, so what a better manner of witnessing it than a pleasant day at Parque Nacional de Vinales!. This adventure includes a safe and fast transportation to that place and once there, an specialized tourist guides team will open the gates to that paradise through their detailed explanation of habits, custom, history and nature singularities this place evolves, having all the comfort and security measures this trip demands.

Here you will find all the information about Vinales Tour. So after reading what this tours offers we trust on you being more than eager of going through this adventure, perfectly reserved to give you a distinguished treat proper of VIP travelers are treated like, no matter how many times, either country you come from, is all bout high quality service and the warmest welcome of Vinales’ natives we bet on to make this experience unique for you. That’s our main goal!

Let’s go on!

What does Vinales Tour offer ?

  • Strict punctuality about you getting on time the transportation to Pinar del Río .Time is priority if you really want to take advantage and enjoy the most this adventure Valle de Vinales promises to be.
  • Highly prepared Touristic Guides with a wide experience on the activity and the customers attendance, having a vast knowledge of place, its main attractions and always looking for manners of making the trip full of fun with no boring vestiges .
  • Spanish and English guiding services.
    All the modalities of Vinales tour are designed in order to you could choose either having a pleasant and relaxing day enjoying the Nature’s quietness or the most full of adrenaline one, all attuning with what you are really looking for.
  • Unique chance of having a near meeting with the inhabitants of that area including the peasants deep- rooted on that tobacco plantations’ life style , as well as being delighted cause of other private sectors samely importants like the gastronomy and the casas particulares all of these elements melted in one improving to even better that trip to Viñales.
  • Mostly of these tours have main priority on show to the visitor places wherein the human eye barely has witnessed nature secrets, emphasizing on having an straight contact with that wild and virgin nature , through the strong experiences these adventure tourism carries, always concious and taking the necessary measures to take care of the environment and our visitors.

What does Vinales offer to the visitor?

Here you have a description of its most outstanding places , then you might have an idea of what kind of tour modality you would like to book on, attuning with the adventurer spirit interest and either else sort kind of experience you might be pursuing to.

El Valle de Vinales

Is settled in the Guaniguanico Mountains Range, surrounded for La Sierra de los Órganos, and literally this Valle de Viñales is like a perfect colophon to God’s caprices and proof of how inspired he was when HE created this paradise.

Honoring the vast chain of mountains surrounding it, Valle de Viñales is crowded of astounding mogotes,which are endemic geological forms of that area, and despite of existing some comparable nature structures in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, the similar ones all over the world are in China and Malasia

Plus being this place habitat of seventeen endemic species , uniques in this planet, enhancing even more its exotic attractive.
Vinales Tour is the best chance in order to practice climbing , hiking, caves exploration and all else tourism of nature modalities , always at eyeshot of high trained experts on each and every of these activities, only preserved to those ones whom keep alive the inner adventure flame.

The astonishing landscape is endorsed by the tobacco and coffe plantations, giving the final touches to this amazing picture Valle de Viñales is in fact. And the perfect demonstration of this theory can be appreciated since the Hotel de los Jazmines’ viewpoint, the idon place to admire this aliving painting Valle de Vinales from.

Valle Dos Hermanas

Taking part of this National Park there is a second valley called Dos Hermanas. Hence you can enjoy the beautiful view and go through a whole adrenaline overflowing provoked by the canopy. At Valle Dos Hermanas we can also enjoy the camping installations, with 54 cabins included a swimming pool.

The Mural de la Prehistoria

Settled at Valle Dos Hermanas, the mural is a gigantic frescoe painted over one of the vertical walls of one of the mogotes in that place, straightly on the rock with vivid colors, and is a clear exposition of humans and native fauna of Sierra de los Órganos. The mural summit can be reachable since one of its slopes through an sculpted ladder in the mogote,and once in the summit you are part of that perfect and Caribbean biggest painting too.What a privilege!.

Town of Vinales

Is a nice town decorated with traditional houses mostly of them with red-tiled roofs only comparable with those fantasy places of fairytales stories.

This town offers an exquisite creole and International cuisine, hostels, casas particulares and other lodging modalities afforded by the private sector.

And as an extra treat to the visitors the municipality museum, the botanical gardens and the paleontology museum keep pleased the tourists exploring eagerness..

La Cueva del Indio

La Cueva del Indio is one of the cavern systems in the Valle de Vinales . Allowing the tourist to experience it through a magic route in boat all over the underground river crossing the cave, admiring nature rock forms easily confusable wIth men’s handmade ones , is just like having a privileged guided tour across a natural museum wherein all time we wonder how come Mother Nature can be so perfectionist.

There are other caves like Cueva de José Miguel and La gran Caverna de Santo Tomas , this last one the largest of Cuba,having assisted guiding for those visitors who passionate the speleology.

El Palenque

El Palenque is one of those places where you unconsciously feel involved in some mystery aura, as well as quietness and peace sensations, like a vague perception of what this former run-away slaves shelter was, interesting way of taking the visitors back in time and make themselves to feel part of the history. El Palenque is the most genuine demonstration of Cuban rebelliousness , is part of our deeper roots, is a clear explanation of the cuban freedom spirit.

Rancho San Vicente

The Rancho San Vicente is near to Vinales Town and just before the entrance of la Cueva del Indio.Is the most subtle oasis of peace with the necessary elements to wrap the visitors up even more in this dream trip, its river and centenary trees, exotic flora and always clean air are a natural theatre to just take a rest and enjoy that show of endemic birds singing, having as background the murmuring of the stream and leaves’ rustling, all together performing an amazing Mother Nature’s spectacle.