Horse Tour Valle del Silencio

This Horse Tour Valle del Silencio will take you this time through the Valle del Silencio, an small valley which is part of that dream place Valle de Viñales is, being distinguished cause of having been declared in 1999 as Cultural Patrimony of the Mankind.

Its suggestive name, Valle del Silencio, evokes a very full of quietness landscape wherein likewise Valle de Palmarito, has a exotic colors mixture as clear imitation of a rainbow, outstanding the always green vegetation and the red- colored ground, without exclude birds variety, and native houses perfectly harmonizing with the environment.

This Horse treck Viñales at Valle de Palmarito will be arranged by a official licensed guide, with all necessary acknowledgement to please the most demanding visitors.


  • During all the trip you will witness all variety of cultivation attuning with the harvest season either cassava, corn, beans, tobacco, coffee and other ones.
  • Visiting on a tobacco and coffee’s producer in order to know everything related to its processes.
  • According with the season you will appreciate the colorful birds population either endemic and immigrant ones.
  • Having the opportunity of take a rest in a near lake, being able to have a dip if you feel like.
  • Visiting on several natural viewpoints with different view perspectives to the Valle del Silencio and its astonishing mogotes crowded with endemic flora and fauna.
Departure time9:00 am
Duration4 hours
Price25 CUC per person

What Horse Tour Valle del Silencio does include ?

  • To enjoy and delight a creole puro cubano for free.
  • Free entrance to all places described formerly

Other options to keep in mind.

Will be a choice to have a lunch at agro-ecological farm, for a price of 14.30 CUC per person(it’s not included on tour price).

Always remember that you can afford , and have the best life experience with Mother Nature with us ,at the best Horse riding in Vinales.