Horse Riding in Vinales

Horse riding in Vinales makes the visitor to experience it, as the best way to discover Valle de Vinales and all its enchant, reason why the Horse tour whatever its modalities is one of most popular activities amid the tourist visitors every year at this dream valley.

No matter how old , physical limitations , or how do you feel like, either horseback riding, Horse track riding these horse riding tours in Viñales would make you have an straight interaction with the natives of Vinales, their custom and having at hand reach the most unbelievable places, its beauty and even to relish a handmade puro cubano.

If you are staying in Havana we can arrange a one-all day excursion to Valle de Vinales, promising to you the most incredible Horseback riding tour you could have ever gone through boosting even more that sensation of being in the paradise at least for several hours.

You don’t need to have experience of horseback ridings, our guides have vast experience in the activity, all of them properly licensed by the cuban authorities and with several years on that specific sector, as well as having very docile horses. So definitely there is no excuse to decline of such amazing opportunity.

All these activities and even more could be enjoyed by you whatever the modality of horseback tours in Vinales you decide to surge on. Remember always that Vinales Tours offers to you the chance of being involved in the most perfect excursions program to Valle de Vinales.