Tour Cubaneando in Vinales Valley

How does it feel to be a peasant of a magic place as Vinales Valley is in fact? Discovery it through Tour Cubaneando in Vinales Valley. An experience like this is the most authentic way of knowing Cuba, cause the purest island’s essence gets birth in its country, and the peasants are its biggest exponents.

If you are interested of spend a day with a native family doing the same activities a peasant used to do, we propose you the next program. You will be face to face with the common Cuban peasant’s life in the country without make up or disguise, simple but perfect.

Schedule Tour Cubaneando in Vinales Valley

  • Setting off La Havana.
  • Arriving there early in the morning. A peasant’s house, without designed artifices to get tourist visitors impressed, natural.
  • To relishing an aromatic coffee swig.
  • To feed the corral animals, straight from your own hand.
  • Harvesting cassava straight from the ground, picking fresh eggs and fresh vegetables for salad.
  • Taking part at lunch preparations, made with the traditional methods of country.
  • To peel cassava, cleaning rice and beans, to sacrifice a chicken and pluck it up, etc.
  • Lunch.
  • Work at country field, to steer on the plough with oxen pruning and cleaning a sugar cane sown field, making sugar cane juice at manual sugar mill.
  • To play domino meanwhile the day heating goes away, under the shade and breeze of trees at house front yard.
  • Returning to La Habana

What it does include?

  • Specialized English Tour guiding.
  • A typical country lunch made at peasant’s house

If you want to know more about day trip from Habana to Vinales do not hesitate of getting in touch with us