Conecta Tour Havana Vinales

This excursion Is recommended to all those adventurers whom are about traveling to Cuba with a tight itinerary in order to visit all our awesome and beautiful places, more than suitable to leave our country having gone through the experience of knowing the most important nature wonders of this island. If you want to be successful getting that goal, Conecta Tour Havana Vinales is the best option.

Early in the morning you would be picked up by one of our service cars wherever you are staying in Havana, so as to visit the Viñales Valley, settled in Pinar del Río, the far West zone of Cuba, in the Órganos Mountains, specifically at Guaniguanico Mountains range. In 1999, by behest of UNESCO this nature reserve was established as National Reservoir Park of Cuba, and Nature Patrimony of Mankind.

Having epicenter in a Mountains landscape this amazing and natural fissure named Viñales Valley gets eyes pop out of whoever reached there at first time. But this is not only an endemic reaction of those novices, we must to admit that is everlasting the sensation no matter how many times you come back.

So magnanimous is its beauty like!

Schedule Conecta tour Havana Vinales

  • Visiting the Santo Tomas’s Cave. Considered the biggest in Cuba rounding the 46 km of extension and 8 levels of galleries, being able to be explored through specialized guiding 7 of them.
  • On this tour our visitor would be told through our special guide about our first cuban peasant militias as known as Malagones, one of the most important components of our National History.Being optional to visit the Honoring monument and grave of Malagones. Other option is visiting the Speleology School, place where in you could acquire interesting acknowledgement bout this science referring to all those mysteries hidden in the ground.
  • Observing the Marti Yacente, a fanciful natural shape in that Valley making us to have sort kind of reminisce of our National Hero Jose Marti as a silent tribute of the nature to our most prominent Cuban.
  • Hiking and exchanging with the native community there, learning bout their costumes and routine life in the Tobacco plantation, its cultivation procedures as if coffee ones. As well as enjoying the exalted beauty of that zone due to its flora and fauna plus all that pure air inviting us to breath at full lungs capacity.
  • Lunch at ecological farm wherein are applied sustainable development techniques and sustainable agriculture supported for the organic food production
  • Exploration and explanations about how a farm like that does work
  • Returning to La Havana
Departures7:00 am setting off La Habana
Price40 CUC per person (without including transportation)
Transport pricesIn between 2 and 3 persons: 150 CUC (round – trip)
In between 4 and 7 persons: 200 CUC (round-trip)

¿What it does include?

  • Specialized guiding in English
  • Free entrance to all those places described formerly
  • Lunch, with coffee, desserts and water.

If you want to know more about day trip to Vinales form Havana do not hesitate of getting in touch with us