Classic Tour Havana Vinales

This excursion is perfect for those foreigners whom are traveling to La Havana with a shortage of time to know in only one day the Viñales Valley, National Monument, Natural Patrimony of Mankind and National Park. We would be using a taxi so as to be ridden all the way since Havana to Vinales. So in this way this Classic Tour Havana Vinales does begin.

The move toward Vinales is by itself interesting, cause as length as we approach to the target the geographic environment goes transforming delighting the visitors’ eyes.

So we dare to say this experience is safe of boring and always tiring routine which use to come alongside these road-trips, specifically the stretch of Pinar del Rio to Viñales Valley, wherein the road fringes with a left-sided crag and in its right a profound hollow, which at its far end is crowded of amazing pinewoods.

At that precise moment of being getting in the Valley, is impossible to cope with that astonishing and natural beauty, giving to the visitors the perception of being taken to the same Eden Garden.

Schedule Classic Tour Havana Vinales

  • To visit the Jasmines Lookout. Since there can be seen one of the Vinales Valley’s most known views, which was immortalized several times through paintings of Domingo Ramos, painter awarded with medal of bronze in a New York art exposing cause of his contestant painting titled “El Valle de Viñales”. That place offers the best opportunities to get the best shots.
  • Visiting the Prehistory Mural: Maxim expression of what the mix of men and nature’s work could evolve at. A breathtaking painting all over the wall of the most famous “mogote” in the Valley named Pita. This “mogote “is climbable, so after being soul-pleased cause of its view, it can be climbed to its summit and since there to appreciate all the environment.
  • Visiting the Natural Lookout of Cuajaní.
  • To visit the Indio’s Cave: Surged all over for an underground river called San Vicente, this cave could be covered at whiles through narrow tracks either being changed to motor boats. All the route is one 1 km during 25 min. Its astounding cavernous formations are so perfect which could make the visitor hesitated about if men’s hand had some to do or not in such unbelievable nature creation (but no, are mere and purely natural)
  • Lunch at agro-ecological farm. At these kind of places all eatable products are hundred percent organic, free of chemical agents (The lunch price is already included in the Tour and includes a mini buffet, 1 bottle of water, coffee and dessert).
  • Visiting a farm wherein is produced tobacco and coffee, as well as other cultivations: In that meeting with the peasants we will know details about all referring to tobaccos cultivation and production processes, activity which represents one of the most important economic section in our country, and a legitimate motive of National proud. Our visitors will witness all the different phases this process goes through.
  • They could see how a “puro” is handmade like. And if they wish could make one by themselves, which finally would smoke pleasantly.
  • A unique opportunity of saying once they get home, they have smoked one of the famous Habanos made by themselves, with leaves taken straight from the drier tobacco houses.
  • Returning to La Havana.
Departures7:00 am setting off La Habana
Price40 CUC per person (without including transportation)
Transport pricesIn between 2 and 3 persons: 150 CUC (round – trip)
In between 4 and 7 persons: 200 CUC (round-trip)

What it does include?

  • Specialized English guiding
  • Free entrance to the places described formerly.

If you want to know more about day trip Havana to Vinales do not hesitate of getting in touch with us