Day trip Havana to Vinales

The one-all day trip Havana to Vinales are designed for all those visitors which don’t have enough days to enjoy Cuba properly, specifically to those ones which are staying at La Havana. Traveling to Cuba without going through the experience of visiting Viñales is something that definitely can’t be ignored!

You could have options of choosing between different modalities of this tour. Each one has different designed schedules, but a common element: The possibility of having a near life experiencing with the best of Viñales.

Here a summary of all the attractions this place carries, in order you have an idea of what you would be involving on once you decide to book your One-All day trip from Havana to Vinales.

Day trips from Havana to Vinales

What kind of touristic activities could be practiced in Vinales?

We are talking about a place wherein the nature is protagonist, reason why the naturalistic tourism is the main purpose here.
The Viñales Valley and its environment is crowed of magic views, caves, caverns, rivers and mountains, all pure beauty. The only explanation is that God was too inspired when HE touched with HIS hand this region of Cuba.

Also Viñales opens that huge diapason of activities that could be made at, like climbing, hiking, speleological excursions, camping…so the adventure tourism is on the menu too.

Day trip Havana to Vinales

The visitor learns (and experiences by himself) about facts that normally are unknown on nowadays big cities life style all over the world:

  • Working the ground with traditional methods, all completely organics.
  • Everything referring to breeding and feeding animals at farms.
  • All life routines peasants go through, with their handcrafted stoves, their myths and legends, as well as the Cuban peasant humor.
  • All the variety in the delicious Cuban cuisine, all 100%natural.

So we could say the ecological tourism isn’t excluded of the offers.

Some places might be of interest at Vinales town:

The Pre Historical Park: Is settled at a private house, whose owner is a fossils collector, as well as having an endemic flora and fauna’s species and geological exhibitions.

El Jardin de Caridad: Is also a native family house, wherein gets blossom an awesome botanical garden.

Going out the town

  • Visiting caves: The San Miguel’s cave, place wherein could be seen on a real scale topics referring to former runaway slaves’ communities; the Indio’s cave with its underground river; the Santo Tomas’s cave, so huge and full of mysteries; and all the caverns veining all the “mogotes”.
  • El Balcon del Valle: A place with three wood balconies depicting all the immensity of the valley and thence delighted by the landscape you could enjoy an excellent cuban mojito.
  • Admiring and climbing the Pre Historical Mural: A gigantic painting all over the wall of one of the Viñales Valley’s “mogote”
  • Camping at middle of wild nature.
  • Tour across Viñales Valley riding on horse.
  • Excursions on bicycle.
  • Climbing mountains.
  • Sliding on the canopy: Is set at El Fortin hill, to seven kilometers of distance with the Viñales town, and its steel wires cover a distance of one kilometer divided in four phases.
  • Visiting both tobacco and coffee farms.

Important Recommendations

Take with you fresh, clean and comfortable clothes, strong shoes able for long walking and hiking, and swimsuit. Use a cap or hat, sunglasses, and sun blocker for the skin. You must keep yourself well hydrated. And don’t think what if you need is resting this place would be too much for you! The adrenaline is the best way so as to let the stress off!

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